Qlink Shining at NEO DevCon — What is Qlink Public Chain

    • The people we met at DevCon
    • The projects we had a substantial talk with
    • What is Qlink Public Chain?
    • Have a glimpse of Qlink ecosystem and future network

    Dear Qlinkers,

    We would like to give you detailed review about our participation in the NEO Devcon, which is just concluded on 31st in San Francisco, US. This conference was the best NEO community gathering ever, especially the vibe. Qlink team sincerely expresses our gratitude to the NEO council for giving Qlink such a fantastic opportunity to share our project progress to all the world! Special thanks to Uncle Da, Tony, Johnson, Fred, Caterina Zhang, Grace, Sharlyn for all the logistic arrangement and coordination.

    Qlink had Susan Zhou — COO, Allen Li — Chef Architect, Dido Ma — Product Manager attended and they have met so many awesome people. We’d like to share all the details with you.

    So, the conference was live on twitter of Neo News Today and it will be processed and uploaded to Youtube later!

    Here are some highlights on the back stages and the interesting people we met.

    Mr. Kingsley Advani, an independent investor and lover of NEO projects. He has been acquainted with Qlink team since we were born. Mr. Advani works really hard on due diligence and understands the technology & team. We truly believe, you will be one of most successful investors in cryptocurrency world!

    Susan and Mr Advani

    (By the way, Susan was very happy for to have her NEO hoody)

    Allen, our chief architect, had a great hand-shake with Sam Bacha, CEO of Blockarray (https://blockarray.com/) to implement Qlink Basestation to Blockarray logistics trucks in Tennessee. The partnership was finally closed at NEO DevCon. PLease check out full announcement here.

    And NEO surprised everyone by organising a cool AFTER PARTY with exquisite drinks. This girly drink was named by Da Hongfei. 🙂 I am kidding!

    Susan had a great chat with O3 team. We shared thoughts on wallet’s functionalities and how we can have a wallet that will fully support personal identity, finance management and trading functionality. O3 team has worked on some cool business implementation of its Finance 2.0 plan. Qlink also just launched its new version dApp featuring wallet function. We will just wait for the surprises from both teams!

    We also had a good time with Dean Press, one of most popular City of Zion member. Dean is super talented. He was once one of the most famous DJ in Netherland with over 2–6 million average hits on his youtube channel before he put his heart and soul to coding. He has initiated several projects, among which VDT is the best known. VDT combines his music background and his professionalism in software development. We believe VDT is a cool project and will be available for fundraising soon!

    And of course, our old friend, Dr. Colin Closser, he is probably the doctor who understands the most about blockchain, who also has quite a collection about tokens. Colin shared with me about the latest update about his projects: they are filing to SEC to be the first utility token!!!! If he succeed, Peeratlas creates a history and pilot for all of us!

    We have met all the host of NEOTalk live show, crypto love sends us lots of love, we heart-sign you back. (btw, we want to one crypto love T-shirt.) Chico Crypto keeps his wit and humor as always. And we met a new star — YLGV, aka. Legit crypto. He didn’t tell us his real name. He is young and studying computer science in college, started crypto-review last year and has over 50,000 subscribers now.

    Unfortunately, we missed mysterious Boxmining.

    Legit Crypto was our host for Neo talk live. Watch the interview

    Allen, wake up

    Finally, here we are, on stage to deliver the presentation of Qlink. The focus of the presentation is about Qlink Public Chain and introduced our offering to developers.

    Qlink Public Chain aims to use blockchain technology to establish a network of:

    • Sharing protocol for the wasted network resources
    • P2P connection to protect privacy and data security
    • Cypto settlement and smart contract for transactions

    Qlink public chain includes

    • Consensus module
    • Crypto module
    • Protocol suits: P2P account sharing protocol, Decentralized name resolution protocol, billing protocol, etc.

    A bit details about protocol suits

    • P2P account sharing protocol: to share login account & password through P2P network without disclosing any details; use case: to share the paid accounts, such as Netflix
    • Decentralized name resolution protocol: every Qlink node contributes its capability of names translation (domain names, hash names or other self-defined names) into P2P identification.
    • Trusted billing protocol: nodes will verify transaction information


    dApp of decentralized location-based app — O2O dApp;

    • Blended Wi-Fi component into O2O review app, such as decentralized Yelp, Dianping, Trip adviser, Airbnb to support review fairness and solve the FUDs problems.
    • Blended into location-based social dating dApp like Tinder, to build P2P connection for private sharing.

    dApp of payment for telecom asset usage, to deploy smart contract on the following business scenarios

    • Payment on account sharing
    • Payment on Wi-Fi/VPN/mobile data usage between the host and the use
    • Long-term leasing on telecom tower/small cell/machine rooms
    • Monthly payment for internet access in countries with lack of fiat payment for internet access

    dApp of whoever wants to monetize his/her own internet access or bandwidth

    • Decentralized Wi-Fi, SMS, VPN, content + mobile data distribution
    • Decentralized search dApp
    • P2P Game booster

    Susan presented the working dApp of Qlink Wi-Fi sharing. The dApp enables Wi-Fi sharing without password input. How did we achieve that? The password will be stored at sharer’s phone, Qlink doesn’t make it visible or inform users the passwords in any format during sharing process, which is the ultra secured process. Equivalently, all sorts of accounts can be shared in this secured method, including pre-paid internet accounts, such as Netflix, Hulu and WSJ journal. Users can enjoy content sharing without access to username and password of account owners.

    At the end, we’d like to express our gratitude to all the media partners, Chico Crypto, Crypto Love, LegitCrypto, CoinCentral, 硅谷密探; and Of course, our lovely Dean from NNT. Thank you for making the event successful, hope to meet next time.

    Must watch: Neo Anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr5BJTIu4I8


    Qlink Team