Qlink launches Qlink Labs to provide support to innovators

  • Qlink, the world’s first decentralized mobile network to announce Qlink Labs for Blockchain application

    Qlink, the blockchain based mobile network, today announced to launch Qlink Labs in an initiative to promote the application and development of blockchain technology, especially in the effort to building telecom service protocols for the next generation. Susan Zhou, COO and Co-founder of the project made the announcement at NEO DevCon which was held in San Francisco. Qlink Lab is a Qlink ecosystem incubator focused on teams with synergy to Qlink, including WiFi, SMS, VPN, and Content Delivery Networks.

    Qlink Labs will primarily operate in Hong Kong, providing funds, advices, resources, ideas and concepts to the projects. Qlink is endeavoring to build a network prototal for the next generation, welcomes projects which works to improve the during transactions on Qlink Chain, to facilitate payment between telecom asset sharers and users, and to empower and monetize unused telecom resources.

    Based on trusted network operating system, the options for candidate teams are solving following issues:

    • To resolve trust issues on location-based services, especially focusing on online to offline business;
    • To settle payment for network usage, especially in emerging markets;
    • To develop smart contract on telecom infrastructure management;
    • To protection privacy while accessing network.

    Qlink lab also welcomes projects developing various business support services such as

    • Token-as-account
    • Trusted billing system
    • Decentralized name resolution
    • Distributed firewall and distributed searching
    • Virtual router with hash routing technology
    • Content address identification technology
    • Trusted Quality of Service (QoS)
    • VM support to smart contract
    • Trusted NFV protocol

    “The market is in need of innovative telecom solutions, and products incorporating the latest technology.” says COO of Qlink Susan Zhou “It is an honor to be leading the change and explore the opportunities together with other team members. Qlink is inspired by the success of consortiums in disrupting other industries, and we are excited to be part of the next generation in communication technology”

    A survey conducted by University of Hong Kong’s Public Opinion Programme last year shows that compared to four other Asian cities, including Taipei, Shenzhen, Seoul and Singapore, Hong Kong scored the lowest in developing innovation and technology. Qlink lab hopes to contribute to the society by providing financial and technological support.