Create ERC20 token to launch an ICO platform

  • In recent times, most audience around the world prefers the crypto platform to generate passive income. In particular, the Initial coin offering is stated to be the finest source to initiate crowdfunding operations. To be practical, the traditional way of crowdfunding with a fiat currency does not work as it seems to be a complex process, Moreover, you can reach out to only a specific group of investors for fundraising. Using the Initial coin offering platform, you can reach out to global investors to raise funds for your business projects.

    Initial coin offering is an effective crowdfunding platform preferred by crypto users. Moreover, you can launch an ICO platform in a simple mechanism as it does not require any legal compliance like STO.

    For ICO token creation, Ethereum is the highly preferred blockchain supporting the ERC20 token standard. ERC20 is a fungible token due to its properties it can be traded effectively, it can be created on the existing blockchain, and deployed easily. To foster a fundraising process you can launch an ICO on Ethereum blockchain

    How to launch an ICO by creating an ERC20 token?

    • The prior factor is to frame a perfect business idea.

    • Analyze the business requirement

    • Create an ICO token - ERC20 token

    • Create a smart contract and validate

    • Integrate token to the wallet

    • Deploy the token

    • Launch an ICO website

    • Focus on ICO marketing

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