Qlink’s advisory board adds Cao Yin, CSO of Energy Blockchain Labs

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    Qlink proudly announces Mr. Cao Yin’s joining as advisor, enriching the advisory team. Cao Yin is the Founding Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of the Energy Blockchain Labs, which is the world first company focused on blockchain technology energy and green finance application. Energy Blockchain Labs participated hyperledger projects in 2016.

    Cao Yin

    Qlink is a Singapore registered non-profit organization, which aiming to build the world’s first decentralized mobile network by developing a public chain dedicated for telecom industry. The project has concluded its token generation event in December 2017 and has its Minimum Viable Product available to be installed on Android devices. Qlink believed that Mr. Cao’s joining will strengthen its expertise in public chain development, and reinforce the network with partners.

    Cao is the Principal Expert of Blockchain as well as the Principal Energy Analyst of China Cinda Securities, which is the investment bank of China Cinda Group, the biggest financial asset management company in China. He also has co-authored a book with Mr. Pony Ma, the Chairman of Tencent Group.

    “We are very excited to have Mr. Cao”, Susan Zhou, COO and co-founder of Qlink says, “One of the Qlink’s mission is to build a decentralized ecosystem comprise of telecom assets, the Public Chain, the Qlink Chain, smart contracts, mobile operators, content providers and users. Mr. Cao’s extensive experience in architect building and project development is invaluable to us. We are honored to have Mr Cao Yin as our advisor are confident to build a robust project. ”