Anti-Elon Musk communities like RemoveElon Coin are being wiped out by his manipulation

  • RemoveElon Coin is a project that helps you see more clearly the evil face of Elon Musk.
    And we have received a lot of attention from the Community, who have the right view of Elon. However, our rapid growth has caught the attention of Elon Musk and his supportive fan community. They attacked us by reporting our social networks, typically our Twitter channel has been suspended.
    What's the reason? We are just telling the truth. Are they worried that the evil face of Elon, their idol, will be known by more and more people, or are they afraid that they will realize this themselves?
    Even though we have been attacked, we will not stop spreading the truth to everyone. Please join our Facebook and Telegram Group to update the latest information on RemoveElon Coin.
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