Qlink releases MVP 1.0.4

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    Greetings from the Qlink team huddled around our desktops waiting on any of your feedback! We are happy to release the 1.0.4 Version of Qlink dApp. Read through the article because there is some important notice you really don’t want to miss.

    What’s new in the 1.0.4 Version

    Great improvements were made to UI design of WiFi connecting screens and Wallet screen, a few bugs were fixed. Download and install it here: https://github.com/qlinkDev/qlink/releases/tag/1.0.4

    1. Users can edit/unregister the registered WiFi asset via ‘Manage Funds’ button
    2. Add real-time exchange rate of QLC — NEO to the header on wallet screens
    3. Users’ QLC Balance is displayed in the header
    4. Click on “QLC balance” and access transaction records
    5. Categorize functionalities in he Wallet as “Send, “Receive” and “QLC Top-up”
    6. Fixed an issue causing app crash when it is started with no available data or WiFi connectivity.

    !!IMPORTANT NOTICE!! about the new Wallet Feature in Qlink dApp 1.0.4 launched on Jan 27th

    DO NOT send any QLC/NEO from your wallet on the main net to the Qlink in-app wallet!

    Qlink MVP Wallet only accept QLC/NEO is on the TEST NET!

    Qlink dApp is currently deployed on the NEO TEST NET, any tokens sent from your main net wallet to the Qlink wallet could result in permanent loss. Please be reminded we will not be reliable for your loss in the process.

    Our development journey

    New blood joined the R&D team, young geek re-wrote all codes within one week for the last version! Thank you for your hard work. Doubtlessly the past week is the most hectic we’ve gone through. Half of the team members were dedicated to further developing the in-app wallet, whilst the rest taking forward the deployment of the VPN functionality.

    The VPN service deployment has brought immense challenges for the team. How to convert a desktop suitable installation file to a mobile version? How to realise P2P VPN access? How to write VPN on public chain? The R&D team have been making great efforts to enable these functionalities on your mobile devices, there are obstacles to overcome, as the way it’s always been. Well, Qlinkers, we are pleased to share that we do take pride in the achievements that has been made!

    Enjoy and always share your feedbacks with us!