$50.000 Giveaway Red Pulse

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    We are launching a big giveaway to celebrate and raise awareness.

    Don’t miss this and follow us on Twitter where you will have a chance to win every 2 days.

    Rules you must own at least 500 RPX between Dec 15 to Dec 25 of 2017. The RPX must be stored in your own wallet; no exchange wallets are eligible. If you don’t have one already, us https://neotracker.io/wallet.

    You must follow our Twitter so we can contact you if you win.

    If we notice odd behavior we reserve the right to withhold your allocation and give it to a new winner.

    The random winners will be chosen by a randomize function in Excel.

    • Day 1–2 10 Random Retweeters are chosen and win $1000
    • Day 3–4 100 Replies get $100 each in RPX, reply must include what you like the most about RED PULSE, And include your public NEO/RPX Address
    • Day 5–6 Post a link on twitter to your post on Facebook/Reddit/Twitter/Bitcointalk/Other about RPX, 50 quality posts receive 200$ no duplicates allowed
    • Day 7–8 10 users whom correctly answer the whitepaper quiz receive $1000
    • Day 9–10 2 Users with the most influential Video / Blog / website win $2500 in RPX

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    The market price for the RPX dollar value will be pegged every other day.

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