ChainPad Presale for Binance Smart Chain Community| BinanceSmartChain| IDO

  • You are facing an opportunity to multiplicate many times the asset when choosing to buy at the original price.
    Not only that, ChainPad gives you the right to join IDO and own a lot of potential Tokens at the most favorable prices.
    There are two options for you:
    Private Sales: includes 2 phases (7 days per phase)

    • First phase: Price $0,125 from June 5 to June 12
    • Second phase: Price $0,15 from June 13 to June 19
      0_1623205717461_presale 2.jpg
      Besides, ChainPad also has a special bonus program for Partners when participating in Private Sales:
      Public Sales on Pancake Swap
    • Time: June 20, 2021
    • Starting Price: $0.2
      ChainPad Presale – Lowest Price, Best Opportunity!
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