How To Use Staking On Soup Staking Platform | Binance Smart Chain | DeFi

  • We are excited to introduce Soup Staking which is one of the elements in SoupSwap ecosystems. The continual growth of our network has only become possible with the overwhelming support and demand from the community.
    Overview about Soup Staking:
    Soup Staking is a way of providing financial services to users through smart contracts. Existing DeFi projects aim to provide higher annualized earnings for specific currencies.
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    There’s a relatively high threshold for users of Soup Staking products. Soup Staking acts on behalf of users to participate in certain products, obtains and distributes realized earnings and helps users to participate in products with a single click.
    Implementation Details:
    Step 1: Click link
    Step 2: Connect to any Wallet such as Binance Smart Chain Wallet
    Step 3: Choose the Term you want to lock SPW
    Step 4: Select the Amount of SPW or select the Suggested % Values that you want to deposit
    Step 5: Complete Staking by pressing the [Stake Now] button
    The Bonus Will Transfer To Staking Address After 30 Days.
    Be rich with Soup Staking!
    Stake Now!