RPX Report #5–2018.1.15 — Development Update, Huobi, Dublin and Amsterdam NEO Meetup, NEO DevCon

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    RPX Report #5–2018.1.15 — Development Update, Huobi, Dublin and Amsterdam NEO Meetup, NEO DevCon San Francisco

    New platform development moving forward quickly

    Development on our new platform has been well under way, and we can’t wait to unveil the final product. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at some of the mockups and technology stack that we’ve completed.

    Mockups of MVP Release

    User Definitions

    Technology Stack

    RPX starts trading on Huobi.Pro

    RPX started trading on Huobi.Pro on January 9th. Additionally, we ran a 100,000 RPX give away during the first three days of trading. Headquartered in Singapore, Huobi.Pro is a creative digital asset exchange serving global traders and provides services for digital assets. Huobi.Pro and is a top 10 exchange in trading volume worldwide.

    【100,000RPX Giveaway】Huobi Pro launches Neo Red Pulse (RPX) on January 8

    Stanley Chao at Dublin NEO meetup and Jonathan Ha at Amsterdam NEO meetup

    Red Pulse Co-Founder, Stanley Chao, presented at the Dublin NEO Meetup on January 8. The event is part of a series of events that NEO is hosting throughout Europe.

    Our CEO, Jonthan Ha, was also present at the Amsterdam NEO Meetup on January 13. Other presenters included NEO, Qlink, DeepbrainChain, and NEX. Check out the video below for a recording of the presentation.


    Red Pulse’s Chris Hager is holding a workshop on smart contract programming with Python

    On January 30, NEO will be holding the NEO DevCon in San Francisco, one of the largest events to date focusing on the NEO ecosystem. The event is geared towards developers and students, and our very own CTO, Chris Hager, will be running a workshop on developing NEO smart contracts using Python.


    Upcoming Events

    Asian Financial Forum Hong Kong

    January 15–16, 2018

    NEO DevCon San Francisco

    January 30–31, 2018

    Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum

    February 1, 2018

    Demo to Hong Kong Securities Association

    February 2, 2018


    We continue to come across Twitter scams and phishing websites posing as Red Pulse, and are actively reporting them as soon as we see one. However, please be careful and never give your private keys to anyone. Red Pulse will never ask you to provide your private keys, and we are not doing airdrops.

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