How smart contracts work on the ethereum blockchain.?

  • Smart contracts are nothing but the collection of code that runs on the ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts will define all the rules and regulations like paper contracts and automatically carry out them via code.
    Since it is entirely decentralized, the contract is coded and runs automatically which helps the platform to conduct faster transactions and generate profits.
    In the ethereum blockchain, the smart contract works once the buy and sell order matches. Once the buyer and seller are ready for their transaction, the smart contract executes automatically. Smart contracts are reliable and secure as they run on the ethereum blockchain. Hacking is impossible and no buyer or seller can be cheated.
    Many business people have started developing their smart contract and made a level up of their business. Industries and business that can use smart contracts includes:
    Legal industry
    Retail industry
    Energy sector
    Crypto exchange platform
    Digital asset exchange
    Supply chain management etc.,
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