cryptocurrency exchange script

  • What are the important features to build cryptocurrency exchange software?
    Source code used to create a platform to exchange cryptocurrency is cryptocurrency exchange script. based on the quality of source code features and security of script increases.
    Features of the script
    There are a lot of scripts available in the market. Each has its own features. But for the best user-friendly platform have to check whether some additional features are available in script or not .so while checking for features have to consider three things basic features and additional features, security features.
    Basic features
    • Protected login.
    • multi-cryptocurrency support.
    • API integration.
    • Wallet integration.
    • Fiat support.
    • perceiving current status.
    Additional features
    • mobile integrity.
    • current price display.
    • Payment Gateway Integration.
    • Sub-Admin Implementation.
    • Support Management.
    • Instant Notifications.
    • Live Trade Chart.
    • Trading Bot Implementation.
    Security features
    • Two Factor Authentication.
    • KYC Authentication.
    • Jail Login.
    • Automatic Session Logout.
    • Anti-Phishing Code.
    • HTTPS Authentication.
    • Email Verification.
    • New Device Management.
    To build a cryptocurrency exchange script platform customer service by service provider also important. After the deployment has to provide regular updates for the platform so that user can feel more secured. zodeak technology offers one of the best cryptocurrency exchange scripts with all these features and customizable based on user preferences. Click here to land on zodeak technology.
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