Weekly Report #15–2017.10.19

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    City of Zion (CoZ) is a global community of open source enthusiasts, with the shared goal of helping NEO achieve its full potential. CoZ primarily operates through the community Slack and CoZ Github, central places where the community shares knowledge and contributes to projects.

    CoZ is neither a corporation, nor a consulting firm or a devshop / for-hire group.


    There is no formal process in joining CoZ. Interested individuals will have to do the work first, and the submitted code has to be licensed under the MIT License. Consistent contributors will become eligible to join the CoZ organization, and begin collaborating on projects. The governance process of this organization can be found here.


    Since its inception, the CoZ Council has been in close contact with the NEO Council. The NEO Council provides support to the community, in the form of NEO rewards, which CoZ redistributes weekly.

    For individuals who are interested in financially supporting CoZ development, our donation address is AXSoNQEKjmqPBNPg5cNrHyWivfjok3Vj9D.

    For transparency, CoZ Council members are excluded from weekly NEO rewards, and any CoZ competitions. This week, 343 NEO were awarded for the following contributions to the NEO ecosystem.


    dApp Competition:

    Registration is now open! We hope that the launch of this NEO dApp competition will spark further learning, and sharing of insights on the #develop channel (NEO Slack).

    Stack Exchange:

    We need experienced Stack Exchange users (with more than 200 reputation) that want to be active in our community, to commit to the proposal. You can do so here.

    Development Updates

    Neo Python (neo-python😞

    Neo GUI Wpf (neo-gui-wpf😞

    • Alpha project to rebuild neo-gui using WPF instead of the current deprecated winforms
    • Structural improvements to apply the MVVM pattern

    Neon Javascript SDK (neon-js😞

    • NEP-5 support through invocation transactions and invoke RPC
    • Code reorganization for transaction construction
    • Account model to manage key relationships
    • CircleCI integration
    • RPC refactor
    • Updates to neon-wallet-db API
    • Webpack production and uglify update
    • Webpack browser support

    Neo Javascript (neo-js😞

    • Further enhancements to unit tests
    • RPC expansion to support contract invokes
    • Universal Asset support in full-node mode
    • ES6 refactoring

    Neon Wallet (neon-wallet😞

    • Major refactor in progress
    • Build changes to be compatible with Ledger development

    Blockchain Explorer (neo-scan😞

    • NeoScan Explorer page
    • NeoScan Address Information page
    • Converted to SCSS for easy maintenance

    Neo Go SDK (neo-go-sdk😞

    • Fixed unit tests to match API changes

    Neo Compiler Docker (neo-compiler-docker😞

    • Neoj-builder Docker image to build Java code to Java bytecode.
    • Neoj-compiler Docker image to compile Java bytecode to AVM code.
    • Setup CircleCI.

    Ledger Nano (blue-app-neo😞

    • Make suggested changes from Ledger CTO

    CoZ Slack Helper (slack-management-platform😞

    • Added price bots
    • Regex for banned words checking
    • Upload, message limit management
    • Successfully deployed in 2 other Slack groups
    • Bugfixes

    Neo Documentation (neo-docs😞

    • Initial Brazilian Portuguese documentation

    CoZ Community Resources (awesome-neo😞

    • Addition of new resources relevant to the developer community

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