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    🦠About Corona Crypto🦠
    The Coronavirus pandemic is taking place globally so the government has called on everyone to join hands in the fight against Covid-19.
    However, the lack of transparency in donations to prevent waves of this pandemic created suspicion.
    In this case, the Corona project will ensure transparency when contributions are used because all transactions are publicly recorded and cannot be modified in the ledger of the controller.
    New technology is booming, bringing about innovation, transparency, and uniqueness, and that is blockchain.
    Corona Crypto is a project that applies Blockchain technology to create an unchanged directional algorithm chain; make fund-raising data transparent through on-chain public archives; eliminate charitable organizations which are separate and unreliable to replace them with a divisional system – that is unchangeable and dispersible in preventing and stopping the Coronavirus from spreading globally.
    🦠NCOR Token Information🦠
    💉Token: CoronaCrypto
    💉Address Contract: 0xb32b6e988d663117f603be82b0a519b33c96a9f7
    💉Symbol: NCOR
    💉Decimals: 18
    💉Network: BEP20
    💉Platform: Binance Smart Chain
    💉Max Supply: 7,878,000,000
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