Special Offer For Soup Staking

  • Dear SoupSwap members,
    The recent SPW Staking Big Promotion has received a great response from you. And now, SoupSwap is delighted to continue to send you a New SPW Staking Big Promotion with better offers.
    Time: May 21, 2021 — May 30, 2021
    alt text
    Implementation Details:
    Step 1: Click link https://soupsswap.io/staking
    Step 2: Connect to any Wallet such as Binance Smart Chain Wallet
    Step 3: Choose the Term you want to lock SPW
    Step 4: Select the Amount of SPW or select the Suggested % Values that you want to deposit
    Step 5: Complete Staking by pressing the [Stake Now] button
    The Bonus Will Transfer To Staking Address After 30 Days.
    Be rich with Soup Staking!
    Stake Now!