How to create Ethereum tokens?

  • We all know that ethereum is the top crypto token developing platform. Not only crypto tokens but also many Decentralized applications are developed in the ethereum Blockchain. Many startups and entrepreneurs prefer Ethereum Blockchain for its highly reliable nature.

    Crypto tokens are usually created for fundraising purposes. People who want to grew their ecosystem are also developing their crypto tokens. Ethereum has many token standards. For instance, ERC20 for fungible assets, ERC721 for non-fungible assets and many more. If you wanna create crypto tokens, then create your crypto tokens in Ethereum Blockchain.

    Here are the steps to create Ethereum tokens for ICO:

    i) Think of an idea for your fundraising.
    ii) Work on the competition analysis.
    iii) work on the legal requirements of the country you are willing to launch an ICO.
    iv) Hire a token development company to create crypto tokens.
    v) Start promoting via marketing and PR's 
    vi) Launch an ICO

    How to create ERC20 tokens?

    If you know the solidity and the basics of Blockchain, you can create ERC20 tokens on your own. ERC20 tokens need 6 functions to be filled out in the smart contract. The most important thing is to mention the number of tokens. Once you've done you can't alter the numbers. Then you can mine the tokens to your ERC20 tokens wallet. Know more on How to create ERC20 tokens << here.

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