Why do people choose fancentro over onlyfans?

  • Even though the OnlyFans app is popular, there are many content subscription platforms to be considered. The features available on OnlyFans are limited compared to other fan sites like Fancentro. Below are the reasons why to look for OnlyFans alternatives such as Fancentro.

    Search & Filters

    One of the primary flaws in OnlyFans is the poor search feature, as it uses only a simple algorithm. Unless the users know the username of the model, they will get the exact search results. Otherwise, it is unlikely to find the models.

    Also, it does not have the ability to filter the search results with the users' preference. For instance, the users cannot search the model based on the eye colour, hair colour, and similar options as this feature is available on Fancentro.

    Discovery page

    A discovery page is a great way to promote active and popular content creators. This gives a broader option for the users to know more models. But, OnlyFans does not have a discovery page and it greatly impacts the number of the user base.

    Preview content

    OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform that does not offer content preview before purchasing a subscription plan. This might lead to subscribing to someone whose content is not liked by the users.

    Free videos

    Similar to preview content, it’s good for users to watch free videos of their favourite models. But, it is not possible on the OnlyFans clone as users have to subscribe or pay via pay per view.