What are the top notch features of the Amazon clone app?

  • The features and functionality will play a major role in developing an e-commerce app like Amazon. Below are the most important features of the Amazon clone app.
    Product search
    This feature will allow the customers to browse for products quickly as products are categorized based on various parameters.
    Add to cart
    Once the users select a product, it will be added to the cart. Before confirming the order and payment, they have the option to remove/add any products.
    Notification alert
    The app notifies users regarding their recent activities and order status via push email/SMS.
    Multi-language & multiple currencies
    When you plan to launch the Amazon clone globally, both the currencies and language should not act as a barrier. So, the Multi-language and multiple currencies features will help to gain global customers.
    This feature will facilitate the users to add their liked products to the wishlist category and so sooner or later, they can purchase those products.
    Review & Feedback
    Users, upon purchasing any products, can put feedback in the review section if they wish. It will be useful for new users who wish to buy the product for the first time as reviews give the first impression. This improves trust among the new users and they prefer to purchase the product without having any doubts about its quality.