What is pancakeswap clone script?

  • In the digital world, each and every technology is booming into the new generation. Likewise, in the world of cryptocurrency, a new token is becoming more trendy in the marketplace, which is none other than pancake Swap. It is trending decentralized finance based DEX project .

    Pancake swap clone script is exactly like pancake swap, with extra features. Pancake swap clone script is also a food based Decentralized exchange that works efficiently on the Binance smart chain contract(BSC). It works on the BSC via Automated Market making (AMM).

    In the pancake swap clone script you can stake or exchange your token, in which you can win lottery tickets. Staking of a CAKE token will help you to gain rewards. The effective work of the Automated market making and the Yield farming will help to improve the use of the token.

    Pancake swap clone script has many outstanding features which includes:
    AMM: Automated Market Making, provides Liquidity to the exchange. Automated trading.
    Swapping: Exchanging for one with another. Example: BEP20 for CAKE token
    Lottery: Stake a particular amount of CAKE token to win the lottery.
    IFO: Initial Farm Offering. With the help of yield farming gain a newly introduced token.
    Transaction: High Speed transaction.
    Fees: Lower fees.

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