Ethereum DApps categories

  • Ethereum blockchain platform renders excellent tools and community support to build DApps for enterprises which makes it delightful among the blockchain developers. The ethereum powers up the developers with a principal layer of the blockchain platform with an in-built programming language(Solidity) to develop smart contracts, DApps, with the freedom of customizing the regulations, compliances, ownership, state transition functions, and transaction formats. The immense popularity of these applications generates reasonable revenues for the Ethereum DApps Development Company.

    Ethereum DApps are categorized into three types.

    Financial DApps
    Financial DApps renders users the fintech functionalities such as managing their transactions with fiat and digital assets.

    Semi-financial DApps
    These DApps include financial transactions; whereas the main functionality would be operational.

    Non-financial DApps
    Non-financial DApps are purely operational and it does not involve any fintech transactions. These are the DApps that serve voting processes, identity management, gaming, and other sectors.