Why to develop a Cryptocurrency exchange?

  • Startups and Entrepreneurs these days are desperately looking for a business idea right now. Particularly in the crypto space. Unlike the actual financial markets, things are efficient, easy and reliable in the Crypto space. For instance,

    i) transparency
    ii) immutability
    iii) Decentralization

    These three pillars of Blockchain makes cryptocurrency unique and stand out from other emerging technologies. I would suggest you start a crypto exchange business. Yes, the Crypto exchange business is booming right now. As of 2021, many startups and entrepreneurs are interested in developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

    In laymen terms, a trading platform like binance, coinbase. It is proven that starting a crypto exchange business is one of the profitable passive income-generating business models. There is more than one way to earn money by starting a crypto exchange. Check out the ways to earn money by starting a crypto exchange.

    Let see the benefits of developing a crypto exchange:

    • Launch your cryptocurrency
    • Low set up cost
    • Constant growth in the exchange business
    • Long term business
    • Safe and sustainable business model
    • Profitable business

    So, let us move on to "How to start a bitcoin exchange?"

    You can start a crypto exchange in one of three ways.

    i) Developing an entire crypto exchange from scratch,
    ii) Buying a white label crypto exchange software and developing it,
    iii) Buying a Clone script and developing it yourself.

    You can opt for your way of developing your crypto exchange based on your requirements. Building a Crypto exchange from scratch is the most reliable and highly secured way. It ensures you with peculiar trading features and a highly secured backend. It will make your Crypto exchange highly stable and can be a long term investment.

    white label crypto exchange software - It is a preprogrammed software that helps entrepreneurs to make customizations based on their requirements. Once done with the customizations and testing, they can launch a crypto exchange instantly.

    I'll not suggest you buy clone scripts and encourage you to develop them by yourself. It could be a messy job if you buy a buggy script. Working on that will take an ample amount of time and resources. I hope you have an idea of building a crypto exchange platform.

    If you have any requirements on developing a crypto exchange platform, cope with the leading Crypto exchange development company - Zab Technologies. Our 50+ Blockchain developers are well versed in Blockchain technology, expertized in developing Crypto exchange platforms and deploying them.

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  • Hello Enterprisers!!!

    Nowadays many peoples are interested in starting a business in the crypto space. Because the future is fully based on digital & blockchain sectors. So mostly the startups are starting their business in the crypto industry. But some of them are getting confused while choosing the right business opportunity. Because in the crypto space “n” number of business ideas are available. Picking a specific one is not an easy thing. No need to worry, I did some analysis in the crypto space (as well as the blockchain industry) to find the emerging & best business opportunities. As an end, I got the best crypto business ideas here is the list <<< check it out.

    On those list of crypto business opportunities, one particular business attracts many startups & enthusiasts, that is “Cryptocurrency Exchange”. Yes, the Crypto Exchange business is one of the most successful businesses in the crypto space and also it’s an emerging & passive revenue-generating business model. One of the best examples is “Binance”. We all know Binance is the world’s most popular crypto exchange platform. It was started in 2017 and within a year, the exchange got drastic popularity in the crypto space. Now they have millions of active crypto users all over the world. Binance supports more than 100+ cryptocurrencies & generate-income in some possible ways such as trading fee, Token listing fee, deposit/withdrawal & so on. That is why startups are preferring crypto exchange businesses.

    Now you have a question like this - “How to Start a Crypto Exchange???” this a common question for all crypto startups & enterprises. Generally, there are 2 possible way to launch your exchange platform

    • Developed from scratch.
    • Launch your exchange by using white label crypto exchange software
      In those 2 methods, white label crypto exchange software is a cost-effective & secured way to launch your exchange platform. Let me explain.

    If you develop your exchange from scratch, you might face some technical & non-technical issues like crypto wallet integration, partnering with the bank, no beta test, high cost ($ 50k or more than that), need more time, & a lot of security risk [Sometimes dark world peoples may hack your exchange platform] so most of the crypto enthusiast doesn’t prefer this method.

    If you go with white label crypto exchange software, you have a lot of benefits.

    Benefits of White Label Crypto Exchange:

    • Customizing options - They will help you to build your cryptocurrency exchange platform based on your business needs.
    • Monitor and Engage - You can easily monitor the work process
    • Beta module - You can test your exchange in the Beta module
    • Cost-effective - White label crypto exchange cost of development will be around $ 8k - 15k (It may vary based on the requirements.)
    • Time-Period - You can launch your exchange within 1 week
    • Fully secured, bug-free & adv trading features.

    But all white label crypto exchange software providers are not offering all these services. Only noted crypto exchange software providers like Coinsclone, offering the best crypto exchange services at a budget-friendly price.
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