A Detailed Explanation Of ICO, IEO, and STO

  • Crowdfunding — The Way It Was

    Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and stocks have been, for a considerable stretch of time, known as proven and valid means of crowdfunding. It cannot, however, be denied that the practice has become a bit too archaic. The process is cumbersome and it is plagued with a lot of intermediaries that translate into costs.
    The Blockchain Revolution

    With the introduction of the decentralized ledger technology(DLT) called blockchain, crowdfunding has become considerably simple and easy. Over the years, crowdfunding methods powered by various blockchain network have evolved to become more regulated, accessible, and available.

    Ask any crypto enthusiast and they will, from the top of their minds, recall Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO), and Security Token Offerings (STO). The crypto/blockchain crowdfunding landscape has been dominated by these three different methods so far.

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