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  • What is MLM (Multi Level Marketing)?
    Network Marketing which is popularly called MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is a Referral marketing on multi-levels. MLM is broadly defined as a business strategy where members are recruited for promoting a company’s products and services and then incentivized to recruit new members from their referrals indicating a possible pyramid scheme.
    What Is MLM Business Plan?
    Many people join MLM Business but they do not know how many MLM Plan or MLM business plan work in MLM industry. Here I will tell you all the details about the MLM plan. Although many plans work in direct selling, but I will tell you about the legal plan only.

    What Is ROI Plan?
    ROI Plan or Return on investment plan is one the most popular mlm plan in current times. This plan as the name suggest is an investment plan. One can invest small amount of money make a double or more profit. They need to invest on the company’s service or product or any kind of packages. On that investment we will get benefit daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis according to the company policy.
    In this set up, multi-level selling firms supply a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly based share to their down line members according to their investment. With this set up, members will get high profit with a bit investment. This is a good plan where people want to invest for a business but do not have many business ideas or do not know much about the market.
    Advantages Of ROI Plan

    1. Better Measure of Profitability:
      It relates net income to investments made in a division giving a better measure of divisional profitability. All divisional managers know that their performance will be judged in terms of how they have utilized assets to earn profit.
    2. Achieving Goal Congruence:
      ROI ensures goal congruence between the different divisions and the firm. Any increase in divisional ROI will bring improvement in overall ROI of the entire organization.
    3. Comparative Analysis:
      ROI helps in making comparison between different business units in terms of profitability and asset utilization. It may be used for inter firm comparisons, provided that the firms whose
    4. Performance of Investment Division:
      ROI is significant in measuring the performance of investment division which focuses on earning maximum profit and making appropriate decisions regarding acquisition and disposal of capital assets.
    5. ROI as Indicator of Other Performance Ingredients:
      ROI is considered the single most important measure of performance of an investment division and it includes other performance aspects of a business unit.
    6. Matching with Accounting Measurements:
      ROI is based on financial accounting measurements accepted in traditional accounting. It does not require a new accounting measurement to generate information for calculating ROI.
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