What is the streamlined workflow of Localbitcoins clone script?

  • At first, traders must register on the exchange website. After the login, a bitcoin wallet is now created for each trader.

    In the crypto exchange platform, the buyer or seller is given full access to post their details like setting a location, payment method, price, limits, etc.

    Now, the notification is sent to the concerned buyer or seller. They can skim through it and select their desired specification to perform trade.

    Once the user clicks the 'Buy/Sell' option, the chat will be opened.

    The traders must finish the trade within the time duration according to the exchange platform condition. Else, the transaction process will be terminated by the admin.

    Finally, when the sender receives a buyer's payment receipt, the admin will then release the Bitcoins from the escrow wallet. If any problem comes along the way, the dispute will arise based on the evidence/proof supplied by the trade participants. Click here to know more:>> Local Bitcoin Clone Script