Elaborate the features that are important for a mechanic app.

  • The features are the most critical standpoints inside the app, like Uber For Mechanics.
    The intuitive features enable the user to use/explore the app conveniently. It is vital to have features that will only be useful and serve the users' very needs.

    Let's take a look at the critical features in the Uber For Mechanics Service app.
    Service schedule - the user can choose any service from the app that brings up a display filled with services. The users can book the required service at their feasible time.
    Smart dispatch - the Uber for mechanic service app intimates the nearest service provider as soon as the user books a particular service. Immediately the service assistant is notified and is dispatched to the customers' location.
    Service availability - the service provider/mechanic can choose his availability or his working hours by toggling the on/off tab provided in the service provider app.
    Chat assistance - the customers wanting a formal/informal query/suggestion or clarification of the service can chat with in-app chat assistance. This helps customers and the mechanics to connect easily.
    Digital invoice - When choosing a required service, the user is notified of the service's rough estimate before the booking. Upon service completion, the user is sent a digital softcopy of the service bill.
    Service location - depending upon the service provider's capacity and strength, the admin assigns a location closer to the home base to extend their service reach. This helps the service provider with an additional income.