What are the features crafted in ICO dashboard script?

  • In general, enormous users out there prefer crypto-based businesses to improve their financial standards. The actual reason behind this transformation is due to the technology evolution which reflects a great convenience for users to develop or enlarge their business over the online platform. The initial coin offering is a crowdfunding platform that supports a global audience to raise capital for their business development. The users can raise funds by implementing their business ideas to the global investors whereas both the startups and investors can attain a profit on a fine range.

    Initiating a crowdfunding campaign is made effective with the fine use of ICO dashboard script. The script is a blockchain-based crowdfunding program supporting multifarious features to launch and manage a fundraising process in a simple way. The ICO dashboard script includes a unique dashboard for the Investor and admin to manage the operations to be carried out in the fundraising network. The major features of the script include features such as

    • Purchase token

    • Multi-currency support

    • Wallet integration

    • Community management

    • Two factor authentication

    • Referral programs

    • Custom smart contract

    • Investor management

    • Timeline management

    • Custom funding plan

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