What are the essential features in Urbanclap like App?

  • Let's take a look into the customer app features.

    Customer Login - logging in the app either using OTP or syncing the social media accounts.

    Browse Service - a list of services offered are displayed on the home page for quick access.

    Booking The Service - upon reading the job description the next page leads to booking the services needed.

    Scheduling - customers can fix a schedule for a dutyman to come and start the request service.

    App Alerts - app alerts are sent via the app to help the user notify about discounts, working status, etc.

    Live-Tracking - the requested work can be tracked for the level of work completed and the location of the provider.

    Service Estimate - before booking for any services the user is notified about the fair estimate.

    Emergency Toggle - dedicated tab that connects instanly to the admin panel this comes as a security ensurement service.

    Repeat Booking - from the services records that are maintained the user can avail the same service quickly.

    Negotiate - for the requested services the user can engage in a formal bargain with service provider via text and call.
    The above mentioned are common yet useful features, and it is the base of operations for a friendly user interface for Urbanclap Like App.