Get to know how to offer trading facilities through a White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

  • A readymade solution for the trading of assets containing all the necessary features and components has emerged in the market recently. A White label Crypto exchange platform can be quickly launched as it has been extensively tested by blockchain experts.

    The important features of a White label Crypto solution

    • A powerful matching engine that accepts the requests made by the users like a market order, limit order, take-profit, and stop-loss orders.
    • A robust admin panel to handle the daily trading operations. It manages user activity and adds new coins and tokens to the platform.
    • Speedy processing of transactions ensuring greater throughput.
    • The presence of multi-level referral programs that distribute exciting rewards to new users for adding new users to the trading platform.
    • Integration with multiple payment solution providers for efficient fund management.
    • Sufficient liquidity is provided through market-making and APIs.
    • Security measures like hot and cold wallets, two-factor authentication, anti-DDoS protection, anti-spoofing, end-to-end data encryption, and jail login.
    • Round the clock technical support is provided in multiple languages.
    • Real-time analytical dashboards for better decision-making by the traders.
    • A live reporting module showing the important financial details like revenue, profits, transactions, trading volume, and commission.

    Compared to building from scratch by hiring blockchain developers, it is better to acquire a White label Crypto exchange as it is scalable, customized, highly secure, and delivers a great performance.