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  • What is TRON?
    TRON is a robust blockchain ecosystem designed and developed by blockchain developers over the world, which follows the philosophy of "Decentralize the Web". There are multiple kinds of products involved in TRON ecosystem, including public chain, wallet client, decentralized applications (DAPPs), Etc. These products are closely related to each other, and together, this supports the stability of the whole ecosystem.
    Smart contracts
    smart contract is a computerized transaction protocol that automatically implements its terms. Smart contract is the same as common contract, they all define the terms and rules related to the participants.
    DApps and Tron Web
    As the Tron ecosystem advances and begins to reach more developers and potential users, the frameworks for its integration are following closely behind. This is particularly true for “online” systems. While computers, websites, apps, and so on may not inherently be exposed to decentralized technology.
    Benefits of blockchain of smart contract
    The rapid growth of smart contracts is obliged by the development of the cryptocurrency. The main benefits of digital contracts:
    Safety and confidentiality
    All contracts are stored in the blockchain, in an encrypted form. The goal of the system is that no one can change the smart-contract or replace the data.
    Paper work takes a long time. The use of blockchain smart-contracts significantly speed up the process of concluding transactions.
    Saving money
    Smart contracts exclude intermediaries from the business process. Once written, the program can be used for different transactions for different users.
    How Smart Contracts Elevates MLM Business?
    Smart Contract has turned into the greatest solution to overcome the drawbacks in the traditional MLM business. This technology evolvement has revolutionized the MLM business to a great extent. The integration of smart contracts in MLM business structure simplifies the MLM work process, adds more transparency makes it as integral to the growth of the enterprise.
    For example, if it is Ethereum powered Smart Contract, the secret key gets stored in the Ethereum's Block Explorer called Etherscan.
    What is Automatic Transaction in MLM Platform with Smart Contract?
    Automatic transactions in Smart Contract based MLM business is the automatic transaction of funds or assets when the smart contracts meet the predefined terms & conditions.
    The Smart Contract MLM business continues to work, till the Blockchain-powered Smart Contract exists.
    Benefits of MLM Platform with Smart Contract
    • Eliminates fraudulent activities
    • Brings more transparency
    • Building of strong trusted network
    • Effortless traceability
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