The Decentralized P2P NEXT TRON

    NEXT TRON using Tron Blockchain Technology we have created a Business with 100% Transparency by using Smart Contract Technology. The NEXT TRON Smart Contract is public and can be viewed by anyone directly on the blockchain. Most impotantly it can never be changed.
    NEXT TRON is Peer to Peer matrix platform. All payments go directly to the members! You will NEVER have A company mismanage your funds!
    All transaction will be verifiable on the blockchain. You can view all the transactions from all members, so you know exactly hoe the company is growing.
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    NEXTTRON is a great opportunity for everyone...
    This is the only smart contract that rewards everyone for their hard work....
    When ever you Register people with your link, you will receive 40% instantly to your wallet. Just imagine you have like 500 direct Referral...U will earn 20,000trx instantly to your wallet. That's not all, whenever your direct referral is buying more slot, you will keep on earning 40%.

    This is a great and unique contract...
    Everyone also earn massively without a single referral.
    Everyone receive spillovers from uplines.
    NEXTTRON to the moon
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