Launch a feature-rich White Label Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

  • A readymade and cost-effective package is provided in the form of a White label Cryptocurrency trading platform.

    The typical features of a White Label Trading Platform are

    • Fast processing of transactions by users with greater throughput.

    • A powerful matching engine that processes all the buy and sell orders with low latency.

    • Customer relationship management is made easy with the help of a robust backend and an interactive frontend.

    • It offers APIs for high-frequency trading with large volumes.

    • Suitable to use for both amateur and professional traders.

    • A predefined group of widgets for performing basic tasks easily.

    • Acceptance of different types of orders like market orders, limit orders, take-profit, and stop-loss orders.

    • Spot KYC/AML verification of the users to ensure a high level of authenticity and transparency.

    • Multi-level referral programs that provide rich rewards to the existing users whenever new users are added to the platform.

    • Sufficient provision of liquidity is ensured by market-making.

    • The availability of interactive graphs and charts for better decision-making by the investors.

    • Integration with numerous payment gateways for smooth execution of payments.

    • Firewall and Firebase implementation as an added security measure.

    Acquire a tailor-made White label Cryptocurrency trading platform and make it big in the market in a short while.