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  • Smart Contract Based MLM Software
    Smart Contract-Based MLM’s are Decentralized MLM Networks that are governed or managed by any blockchain smart contract, but mostly the Ethereum blockchain. Since Ethereum is open source it gives open access for developers to leverage its smart contract technology and customize it for developing custom Dapps. The entire MLM process will be tied up with one single knot, i.e A smart contract. The inbuilt Ethereum smart contracts inside an MLM network will carry out all the processes of an MLM Platform from user registration, rewards, matrix table execution to the payment process.
    Tron Smart Contract Based on MLM Software
    Building an MLM platform on TRON blockchain works based on a Binary matrix as same as the MLM platforms built on the Ethereum Network and with a gifting scheme which offers the users to earn TRX tokens instead of ETH. As TRON and TRX are creating a big competition against Ethereum and ETH, there are huge adaptations of Tron and TRX by business people and also traders in recent days.
    Thus, many business people choose TRON blockchain to build their business dapps, and also many traders believe in trading through TRX. Thus you can also use TRON blockchain to build the smart contract of your MLM business with a customized TRX token reward system.

    MLM Mobile Apps-Android & IPhone
    Overgrown Smartphone usage of general public enforces MLM firms to shift perspective towards MLM Mobile apps. Technology-driven development within the behaviour of shoppers and prospects foster MLM organizations on rising user expertise, irresponsibleness through rendering MLM Mobile apps.
    MLM Mobile Application permits the users to manage their profile through mobile or pill and provides updated data on commission and compensations.
    Android Application Development
    Did you know, more than 70% of the mobile users in the world use Android? Yes; it’s fact. As things stand now; Android app development stands as crucial element to any mlm business in this Android era. In fact; customized Android app development for any multilevel marketing business can work wonders. Leveraging the wide range of tools and latest technologies we at MLM Software Tamilnadu design and develop customized mlm software applications that are scalable and powerful, flexible and feature rich for any android devices.
    Iphone Application Development
    There’s no denying, IPhone Application Development service for mlm business demands certain amount of skill set, experience and industry knowledge that are beyond the traditional experience. Fret not; our team of experienced, skilled and expert IOS specialists will add wings to your idea and develop it into a feature-rich iPhone solution for your network marketing business, loaded with interactive, flexible and highly customized features.
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