How does cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance make money?

  • We all know cryptocurrency is one of the popular e-currencies or digital assets. In recent days, people (Traders) are interested in crypto trading, some of traders doing for short & long-term investments. For an instance, if the trading or exchange is happening in the crypto exchange platform[Eg: Binance], The Binance exchange platform acts a medium to exchange crypto’s between two traders[You can trade anywhere in the world].

    Anyone thinks what’s the profit for exchanges???, here I reveal the secrets. How does cryptocurrency exchanges like binance make money?

    The crypto exchange owners like Binance generate their revenue in various methods such us,

    • The Trading & Withdraw fees
    • IEO
    • Margin Trading
    • Multilateral trading facility
    • Backend/infrastructure via API access
    • Token Listing fees.

    Crypto exchange business is very impressive right??? If you’re an entrepreneur crypto exchange is a perfect business for you[Top exchange is generating more than 1 million $ dollars per year].

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