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  • ICO is the topmost platform of the investment world, some of the peoples are considered as ICOs are dead because a lot of projects are turned out to be a scam and most of them lost their majority values. But in the recent survey says that many Institutional Investors are like to invest in the ICO platform, ICO is the most commonly used platform for raising funds for startup based projects.
    What is ICO?
    Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is the fundraising mechanism for a startup business or new project developers. It is often used to raise funds for developing a new Crypto token by releasing ICO tokens to the public.
    ICO is often compared with an IPO(Initial Public Offering), IPOs usually apply to establish a business that sells partial ownership shares in their company as the way to raise funds. In an ICO investor can hope and also expect that the company will be successful, driving demand to increase the value of tokens, and also they hope good Return on investment(ROI) for their particular cryptocurrency project.
    Benefits of using ICO
    ICO gives an opportunity for promising projects, Ethereum is becoming the second most powerful cryptocurrency in the world to providing a platform for Dapp developers to create client projects. They start the projects because of an ICO, ICO becoming the platform where the future will be built.
    ICO creates a White paper, A White paper it contains all the details of your projects so that anyone can read the white paper and choose to invest in the project if its interests them, the White paper helps to reduce the paper works that can be provided by the project developers.
    ICO gives the project creators an opportunity to build a community around their projects, having a good community gives a product immense more credibility and also keeps the project creators accountable.
    How We Will Help You Secure An ICO Funding?
    • Conceive Blockchain solutions
    • Present them in whitepaper and setup a dashboard
    • Carry out extensive Pre-ICO marketing strategies
    • Determine ICO investment amounts
    • Provide permission to valid token holders
    • Setup the wallet, get a key and Coin Drop
    Pre- ICO Services
    Landing Page Development
    Our team of skilled developers can works with your ideas to develop and design the perfect page of your ICO, and keep the investors and engaged throughout the process
    Smart Contract
    A smart contract is an agreement between one to others in the form of computer code. They run on the blockchain, so they are stored in a public database and cannot be changed.
    ICO Marketing
    Marketing your ICO campaign through various online platforms across the globe and gain the notice of investors.
    Customer Support
    Our Dedicated ICO experts offer 24*7 services to your ICO investors and users and solve all their queries in a proper manner.
    Post ICO Services
    Coin/ Token Development
    Our development team will help to build a unique ICO token with the help of blockchain technology as per your requirements.
    Exchange Listing Service
    get your tokens listed in the most secure and high-volume cryptocurrency trading platforms.
    Blockchain Development
    Our custom blockchain development services will ensure that the secure, strong and decentralized a strong blockchain foundation to your tokens.
    ICO Reports & Supports
    Also, prepare a detailed summary reports about your ICO campaign that helps you to analyze the results and performance and also help you to reach all the goals of your ICO enterprise.
    What stands us apart from other ICO solution providers?
    It is easy to launch an ICO from your innovative ideas
    Utmost Security and Confidentiality
    We completely understand the importance of your business and also offer security solutions.
    Trading and liquidity strategies
    The constant liquidity for your projects, and also offers the custom exchanges, so the coins can be traded.
    Multi-Currency Funding
    We also design wallets that support funding with multiple currencies and also ensure your transactions.
    Protection Against Token loss
    We are safeguarding your project from token loss aspects.
    KYC Verification
    Are careful in setting up user authorization strategies to avoid security conflicts.
    So if you want to launch your own ICO?
    Get complete Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) development services and solutions to launch your own ICO business platform successfully
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