Experience a futuristic trading experience by understanding How A Hybrid Crypto Exchange Works

  • Our Hybrid exchange solutions are inquisitive designed keeping in mind the usability of centralized platforms and the anonymity ensured by decentralized platforms.

    The benefits comprise real-time service access, presence of robust smart contracts which automate the operations completely, 100% custody of funds by the users always, better customer privacy, all the assets are backed up in secure cold storage facilities, low transaction fees supported by the fast transfer of funds, use of scalable technology, and no chance of frauds or hacking attacks to occur on the platform.

    The features rendered are liquidation management where all the information about an order book will be fetched on a real-time basis from a third-party exchange, an escrow system to ensure stability and prevent any disputes between parties, implementation of top-grade authentication, an atomic swapping facility which uses private keys to exchange cryptocurrencies between different users without the need for any third parties to interfere, and acceptance of numerous coins.