Get holistic, white label, and feature-rich DEX solutions

  • Our DEX solutions ensure ample freedom for the users to handle their own funds without relying on any third parties anytime. All the transactions happen on a peer-to-peer basis ensuring greater security.

    The process we follow comprises analyzing your business requirements, complying with the different legal norms, integrating blockchain technology into the platform, provision of adequate liquidity, integrating the best security practices into the exchange, listing the necessary coins and tokens according to the users’ preferences, and delivering the final product after extensive testing.

    The features include spot KYC/AML verification according to the geographical location of the user, multi-signature wallets, two-factor authentication, and accurate matching engine, a real-time crypto price ticker, and multi-device compatibility.

    Hire our world-class DEX solutions as we ensure customization of the highest standard, render technical assistance in multiple languages, and support different types of digital currencies.