How to generate revenue with a DoorDash Like App?

  • An entrepreneur needn’t worry about ROI after developing a DoorDash like app. This is because there are numerous revenue streams through which entrepreneurs can gain consistent income. Some of the popular income-generating sources to consider during DoorDash app development include,
    Commissions: Restaurants give up a part of every customer payment as paid commissions to the platform owner.
    Delivery charges: Customers pay delivery charges to enjoy doorstep food deliveries during the final payment.
    Subscription charges: In order to enjoy enticing benefits, customers choose subscription plans, either monthly/annually, by paying subscription charges.
    In-app ad charges: By displaying third-party ad banners, the platform owner levies ad charges based on views, clicks, impressions, etc.
    Thus, with a DoorDash clone app, one can generate revenue from numerous sources.