What are some of the advanced features to consider in an On-demand food delivery app?

  • The food delivery app market has been growing exponentially in recent years. Enhanced smartphone penetration, coupled with convenience, is propelling the need for food delivery apps. Considering the current market competition, the need to be unique pushes entrepreneurs to introduce something groundbreaking and captivating into the food delivery market.

    Features are one unique aspect that can create a visual appeal right away. Introducing cutting-edge features is a great way to make an on-demand food delivery app stand apart. An entrepreneur aiming to introduce an app like Foodpanda into the market can lure the audience with these advanced features.

    In-app wallet: Enable hassle-free payments with an e-wallet option.
    Multi-lingual support: Cater to the local audience and establish a global presence with a multi-lingual support option.
    Schedule for later: To retain routine customers, enable them to book orders well in advance.
    In-app chat/call: Ensure streamlined communication flow among your food delivery community with a chat/call option.

    These are some advanced features worth-considering during Foodpanda clone app development.