Aspects to Consider Before Investing in ICO

  • ICO’S (Initial Coin Offerings) have acquired a huge craze among the growing cryptocurrency community. It is a cost-effective capital raising method where blockchain technology will be used to power a product or a service. A specific amount of funds will be raised and fiat currency or cryptocurrency will be used to pay for the new tokens by the purchasers who are investing in ICO.

    Some Areas to Evaluate to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Scam or a Failed Project Before Undertaking Investment in the Initial Coin Offerings Are

    Analyze the background of the team members
    Understand the functionality of the token used in the project
    Look at the roadmap of the project
    Check out the quality of the code
    Observe the behavior of the community supporting the project
    Verify their reputation in the industry
    Analyze if all legal norms have been satisfied
    The protection offered in case of any threats
    Verify if they are following KYC guidelines
    Read their published whitepaper thoroughly

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