Common ICO Marketing Errors to Not Commit

  • ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) has acquired universal fame for raising billions of dollars of funds for startups to successfully launch their projects in the market. Hence, there is a huge opportunity lying in store for marketing agencies and digital media companies. There is a requirement of brand communication and creating impactful advertisements in the marketing campaigns of ICO’s.

    Some of the Major ICO Marketing Mistakes Made from the Point of Brand Communication and User Experience Are:

    • Lack of a clear project vision
    • No clarity about the future of the product
    • Having a bad ICO promotion video
    • Not possessing a solid team of advisors
    • Not having a reliable marketing plan
    • Lack of adequate usage of the correct marketing techniques
    • Not focusing on the value of the token
    • Not having a personal cap for investors
    • No defined ICO hard cap
    • Not following a game theory approach

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