What is the best ways of launching a cryptocurrency exchange? Developing it from scratch or a getting a cryptocurrency exchange script?

  • Short Answer:

    To be short, getting a cryptocurrency exchange script (white label crypto exchange software) & launching your crypto exchange safe &secured manner will be a viable choice

    Long Answer:

    You know why? I preferred cryptocurrency exchange script is easiest & safe to launch your crypto exchange platform. Let me explain briefly.


    Time is the most precise one in the world. If you develop your exchange from scratch it takes at least 6 months of time to complete your exchange development process. Meanwhile if you launch your exchange platform from the white exchange crypto exchange software it takes only 10 days (max 20 days, if it's based on your business requirement)


    The second most important thing is "money" because in today's world money is always ultimate. So the cost of the development form scratch min 50K $, But if your using crypto exchange script it will be (5k - 8k $, it will be vary based on your business requirement)

    Tech & Security:

    This is the most thing in crypto exchange platform. If you're develop your exchange from scratch you may some technical issues(sometimes it will be a minor issue, sometimes it will be major issue). If you're using cryptocurrency exchange script to launch crypto exchange platform the script is fully secured & 100% bug-free. You can launch your exchange platform in secured manner.


    Some features implementation is very complicated for example: crypto wallet integration

    Features of crypto exchange script:

    • Admin Module
    • Trader Module
    • Crypto Payment Gateway
    • Crypto Wallet
    • Liquidity & API
    • Escrow Security System
    • Mobile Trading Application (Android, iOS)
    • Atomic Swaps
    • IEO Launchpad
    • Referral Program
    • Margin trading
    • KYC/AML & more.

    Note: All the cryptocurrency exchange script providers offer all these services, but some of the crypto trading script providers like coinsclone can provide the complete development support with 100% bug-free & secure software @ reasonable price. You can start your bitcoin exchange solution within 10 days.

    Here is the list of Top 10 white label exchange software providers in market, check it out.