Stay Ahead of Your Competitors by Implementing Tokenization

  • Move to the digital economy by executing tokenization of real estate asset. Get immediate benefits in the form of greater access to capital by appealing to a broader investor group. Gain a higher liquidity premium by trading your assets on a secondary market and bring the executable price of the asset close to its true value.

    Access real-time pricing information based on order books for better decision making. Enable improved transparency by connecting with off-chain data and valuation systems. Increase settlement speed and reduce administrative costs through automated processing.

    The process of tokenization of real estate asset has a couple of steps involved. The firm has to decide the asset type, shareholder rights and comply with the applicable regulations in the jurisdiction while structuring the deal. This is followed by the selection of an appropriate technology where the blockchain network and custody solution is chosen. Further, the created token will be distributed to investors.

    Optimize your returns by using this lucrative investment opportunity and set new standards in the market sooner than later. Stay ahead of your competitors by availing market-friendly tokenization of real estate asset from Blockchain App Factory.