A Complete Guide to Launch An ICO on Ethereum

  • Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs as they are commonly abbreviated are considered to be the most practical and pioneering confluence of modern technology like the blockchain and the traditional world of crowdsourcing investments like a stock market. It has become so mainstream that you can create your ICO on Ethereum or any other blockchain for that matter.

    Initially, ICOs, owing to its ease and lucrativeness, started to spring up left, right, and center. For many investment experts, 2017 is considered to be the year of the ICO. The fact that ICOs and the tokens issued by the ICOs were not subject to any regulatory legal framework made it one of the go-to options for enthusiastic crypto entrepreneurs and harbingers.

    On the flip side, however, since there was no legal hold on the entire process, ICOs also became hotspots for scams. The image tarnished not only ICOs but also the entire blockchains technology and the space of crypto tokens at large. It took quite some time for the technology and the process to shed this dubious clout and become mainstream again.

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