Attain a higher market share using a White label decentralized exchange

  • Experience the benefits of peer to peer transactions in a White label decentralized exchange.

    Some of the advantages offered by the platform are

    A higher level of privacy - Faster onboarding of new users is ensured as they do not have to provide all their personal details during the registration process. It results in greater user retention in the long run.

    Freedom to manage funds - In the absence of custodians who control funds of users, a White-label decentralized exchange can monitor their wallets and manage their funds by keeping a close track of the orders in the market. Users will know what is happening on the platform.

    Protection against hacking - It is virtually to misappropriate funds or steal the confidential details of users in a White label decentralized exchange because there is a secure distributed network put in place. Transactions once recorded cannot be altered or erased.

    Other important components in a White label decentralized exchange that make a huge difference are

    Trading engine - Orders are matched quickly with the help of bots resulting in faster fulfillment of business needs.

    Liquidity integration - Market conditions will become more favorable for investors by networking with other leading exchanges. This will increase the cash flow generated to buyers and sellers.

    A higher level of security - User’s interests will be protected through top-notch security measures such as two-factor authentication and e-mail login. It boosts the overall user experience too.

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