Forge ahead using a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

  • Blockchain App Factory offers a well-performing White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform that ticks all the right boxes. Some of their benefits include the availability of multiple cryptocurrencies, numerous payment methods without chargeback, low transaction fees, integrated multi-signature wallets for safe fund management, and a robust trading engine backed up by a smooth user interface.

    Through advanced technology, it complies with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and verifies all documents regarding Know your Customer (KYC) guidelines.

    Clients would profiteer from 100% customization, non-requirement of technical expertise, 24x7 support, and quick launch in the market.

    All major risks are eliminated using top-notch techniques such as two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, password-protected accounts, QR codes, and jail login.

    Sufficient liquidity is assured through multiple feed aggregations and faster trade settlements.

    Upgradation of performance is ensured by perfectly understanding sentiments of buyers and sellers through special features such as robust order processing, analyzing the movement of digital assets through the real-time market watch, price tickers, and predicting the future trends for better decision making.

    Adaptability is ensured through seamless working in web and mobile versions across multiple devices.

    Apart from that, a vault will also be provided to investors for storing cryptocurrency as a back-up to the main holdings deposited in accounts.