How to Launch an Initial Coin Offering

  • Initial coin offerings, or ICOs as they are commonly abbreviated, are considered the first complete manifestation of the confluence of the traditional world of investing and new technology like the blockchain. Launching an ICO is seen as a relatively simple task.

    There’s no question concerning the simplicity of the process. However, there are a few minute aspects that need to be taken into consideration when launching your ICO. It is to be remembered that it is not the process of the technology that counts but the project and the marketing of the tokens!

    The Precursor to a Successful ICO

    Launching an ICO sounds easy and simple on paper. It was seen as one of the quickest ways to raise funds. There have even been spoof ICOs that raised almost $200,000! However, the case is different for people who have a genuine idea and look forward to that ICO as a proper fundraising method that promises great returns for the investors.

    A meticulously planned ICO can help both the company and the investors. Following a few steps will ensure that your ICO is successful. Read more at: