Top ICO Marketing Consultant in 2020

  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is one of the effective methods used by startups to raise capital for future expansion or to improve the quality of existing operations. The process is simpler when compared to the rigid conditions imposed by venture capitalists and banks. Since ICO’s deal with crowdfunding, the early supporters of the project will purchase some of the distributed crypto coins with fiat currency or virtual currency. If adequate funds are raised, the value of the coins may increase compared to the original price at which it was purchased. This helps investors to earn a higher return on investment.

    In ICO marketing, technology is the key to promoting the services of a company to interested clients and investors. A Whitepaper must be created explaining all details of the project, token distribution, the future vision and roadmap of the company. Campaigns should be run on social media channels, e-mails and forums with aggressive promotional strategies. The main aim must be to attract as much attention as possible during pre-launch and post-launch. Read further to know more -