Cryptocurrency Exchange Consulting Services

  • Expert guidance in the speculative and uncertain digital world is just a few steps away with Cryptocurrency exchange consulting services from Blockchain App Factory. The right infrastructure is created for setting up Know your Customer (KYC) procedures to identify customers, and preventing frauds by complying with Anti-Money laundering (AML) laws.

    Systematic advice is rendered for obtaining transmission licenses for cryptocurrency exchanges in a quick and hassle-free way. We also provide arbitration services for major disputes with interference from authorities, counseling for compiling with security laws for the issue of tokens, and registration with local and state agencies for daily operations.

    Management of finances is done with perfect precision for venture capital and hedge funds taking into account the various risks involved. Detailed strategies are drawn with flexibility regarding investment management keeping in mind the turbulent global environment. Get in touch with their experienced team for accessing tailor-made solutions as per your business requirements.