ICO Regulations Across the Globe

  • This new way to raise funds for a project or even a company seemed to be the perfect way for any business, small or big, to easily gain money from investors.

    As it rapidly grew, startups raised approximately $22 billion with ICO launches, regulatory organs started to pay some attention to it.

    The main problem for the national authorities was the risk of money laundering and lack of consumer protection. This turned out to be a very serious concern indeed because a big number of coins offering turned out to be scams.

    Last, but not least, flexibility is also a problem. Regulation needs to be adaptable to each ICO and the token they offer (some give access to buy services while other grants participate right, for instance).

    That said, let’s do an overview on ICO Regulations Across the Globe - https://www.blockchainappfactory.com/blog/ico-regulations-across-the-globe/