How 'Real' is Real Estate Tokenization? The Three Step Process!

  • Any new technology will go through different phases just like how a kid crosses from their childhood to adolescence to proper adulthood! When a new technology is introduced, people will go gaga over the craze that it brings along, and then, it will face its share of hurdles because it does not comply with a lot of things that made the traditional concept dependable and trustworthy in the first place.

    Then there will come a time when the advocates of the new technology will start working on creating a fine point between the advantages of the technology and the values of traditional methods with a few compromises here and there. This stage can be considered the holy grail both for the technology and the traditional method because it gives the best of both worlds.

    The same can be said about blockchain-based investment options. The initial coin offerings or the ICOs were the harbingers of blockchain technology and investments but the lack of regulation meant that there were quite a lot of fraudulent ICOs. The best possible option is to deem these investments as securities, directly bringing them under the purview of a regulatory body like the SEC, and thus were born security tokens and the security token offerings or STOs. Read more at: